The wonderful story of one of our supporters and adopters

Once upon a time, there was a boy with a dream - to grow up and have a dog, but not just any dog, he wanted a Rottweiler! He wanted a dog so badly that he even chose a name for him - "Chubbs". 

The boy grew up and met the person who eventually became his beautiful wife. Then they both shared the boy's dream.  Waiting for their dream to come true, they got a stuffed Rottie and they named it "Mr. Chubbs."

Then one day, the boy - now a young man - saw a picture of his dream Rottweiler on our web site. He and his wife contacted GGARR, filled out the Adoption Application and went to meet this dog, who was known then as "Thor" (Thor was rescued by two volunteers from Pasco County Animal Services back in June 2013). 

They fell in love with Thor and adopted him. He was the perfect dog. Thor, who of course became named "Chubbs", helped so many people change their opinion about Rottweilers! This couple took him everywhere, restaurants, on vacation and they even snuck him into hotels he wasn't allowed at :-).  They were complete as a family. 

Unfortunately, after 6 months of having him, Chubbs passed away due to cancer. Even though it was only a short time, Chubbs made a lasting impact on everyone he met! 

The couple were devastated, but they were determined to honor Chubbs" memory by helping another Rottweiler in need. They waited and during the healing process, they got more involved with our Rescue. They helped GGARR in any way they possibly could. 

Then one day, a MIRACLE happened. A 2 years old male Rottweiler was in trouble at Port St. Lucie Humane Society.  He was an owner surrender who had kept him tied up in a backyard for a full year after the owners had a baby.  His name was Goliath and he desperately needed to be rescued. 

Donna Schuller, a Rottie lover and advocate, contacted Diana Alcazar, one of our Rescue Coordinators. Grace and I learned about Goliath and his Rescue was approved.  Goliath came to Mueller Animal Hospital - and he was Heart Worm positive and needed a treatment. While he was being treated, the couple wanted to meet him, because he looked so much like their beloved Chubbs, with just one difference,  Chubbs had a "factory tail" but Goliath does not. 

A meet and greet was set up and the couple fell in love with Goliath. I saw that in their faces. Goliath was a sweet and beautiful boy and just wanted to be loved.

Today my friends was Goliath's day (May 31, 2014)! His new Mom and Dad patiently waited for him to be ready. Jennifer and Eric went to Mueller this morning with Eric's father and took Goliath home. They re-named him Homer.

It is a long story dear friends, but I wish you would have been at Mueller today. This adoption touched my heart and I wanted to share with you all.

What a great Happy Ending!

Homer learning to play with toys!

The original "Mr. Chubbs"

Mr. Chubbs

The newly adopted Goliath, now called HOMER

HOMER, so happy to go HOME
to his forever family

A letter from one of our adopters about alumni Oso!

Dear team of Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue:
It has been almost a year since we adopted Oso. We would like to let you know that it has been a wonderful experience.

Oso is a great dog, incredible smart and well behaved. He has even learned a couple of tricks. He loves to go out and play in the water. The most important thing is he is healthy and I am sure very happy to be home.

Thank you very much for the good cause you do day by day with Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue!

Oso enjoying life on a boat!



Update about Chelsea: Dr. Emilio came back from vacation on Monday and checked on Chelsea and found her up to the second surgery. FHO on the left hip was done and also she was spayed. She is recovering well and many thanks to Dr. Emilio Zouain for the great thorough surgeon he is. We still need money to help pay for her surgeries! Please donate to Chelsea's fundrazr

Letter from Yoly, one of the Directors of the rescue, about this sweet girl:

Dear GGARR family and friends, Dr. Emilio from Mueller Animal Hospital called me to explain what had happened in the attempt to spay Chelsea and FHO.

Chelsea never showed any other problem other than limping. Yesterday morning he got her ready for surgery. She was sedated and put on IV, shaved and intubated. For surgery, she was on her back with legs wide open on the table. She was gasping for air and could not breathe. He immediately cancelled the surgery, because he was losing her.

She was put on a mask with high Oxygen and taken to get X-rayed, because he was suspicious that there was something else in there. And he was right. The chest X-rays and abdomen taken showed no Diaphragm, that is the membrane that keeps organs in place. He found that as she was on the operation table on her back, without the Diaphragm, all her organs had moved and compressed her lungs and that was why she could not breathe.

He tried successfully to stabilize her. When she was breathing on her own and awake, he gave her barium mixed with can food, waited an hour and then to the X-ray machine again to see where the organs were. These second group of X-rays, showed where the stomach was, completely on top of her lungs and also the intestines! At that moment she was in ICU and awake and in a sitting position to allow those organs to move back and stop pressing her lungs. I wish you would have been there, it was scary.

Dr. Emilio knew he could not spay and perform FHO without repairing the Diaphragm to close the gap in order to put all the organs back in place. He told Grace and myself that he had done this type of surgery several times, always successfully, but he could not assure anything because he did not know what he would find when he opened her belly.

Dr. Emilio is sure that she was hit by a car and that the blow was so hard that besides taken the hip out of place, the Diaphragm was broken. I hope I have explained the best I could what had happened. She is in the best hands, and in God hands as well. The surgery to repair the diaphragm by itself is a HUGE cost $1,500.00 + all the extras that come with it. This is the first time since GGARR started in 2002 that we have encountered this type of problem. But, this is what GGARR does, we will do everything possible to save this girl. I will let you all know as soon as I hear from Dr. Emilio.

Yoly Ramirez,
Rescue Coordinator

Click here to donate to Chelsea's fundrazr
campaign and to help save her!


Brian Perry is the killer of one our rescue dogs named GIPPER that he adopted from us last year.

Mr. Perry was sentenced on Friday, May 2nd: One year house arrest
and two more years of probation. He can keep his dogs but no more after they pass on. Substance abuse and anger management. No alcohol consumption and there will be random screening. 250 hours of community service in an animal control facility but no contact with any animal there, dog or cat. He is to do manual work.

We want to thank the many friends and volunteers who helped bring this case to court. Thank you for those present at the sentencing today and those who spoke in front of the judge and lawyers and also those who sent written statements. Rest in Peace dear Gipper.

Pictured below are some of the people from GGARR who attended the sentencing, and others who created "Justice for Gipper" and were instrumental in getting this case the attention it deserved. Many more wrote letters to the State attorneys, shared storie, etc. We thank you for your unwavering support through out this ordeal, Your outstanding commitment no doubt helped in getting the publicity needed and a conviction.

A very special thank you goes out to Louise Kuttler who had the strength and conviction to stand up and be questioned by both attorney's and helped to dispel the inaccurate statements and myths that were being put out there. Her last words as to what else she would like to see for Brian Perry brought tears in the courtroom: "I would like to see Mr. Perry get the same compassion that he showed for Gipper". Well said.

Read more and see video from Channel 10 News... Man avoids jail time in dogs death


Group Attending the Sentencing of Brian Perry - May 2, 2014
Along with many others who showed their support, pictured here are:
Louise Kutler - GGARR Director
Diana Alcazar - GGARR Rescue Coordinator
Uli and David Wilson - GGARR Rescue Coordinators
Beth Craven - GGARR Web Master
Angela Kaul and Connie Looring - Justice for Gipper Founders

The most publicized Rescue in the country!
ELLIS! American Dream!

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Gipper - Rest in PeaceGipper

Gulfstream Guardian Angles Rottweiler Rescue is deeply saddened by the untimely death of Gipper, a male Rottweiler we recently rescued and placed through our organization. Gipper and his new home were thoroughly vetted using our tried and true methods – which are complex and thorough and have worked virtually without fail for the13+ years we have been rescuing abandoned and unwanted Rottweilers in Florida. Gipper's death is being investigated by local authorities, and we rely on them and our legal system to determine the facts and administer justice for all involved, especially Gipper who is our main concern. GGARR has no role or say in the execution of our legal system or the outcome of Gipper's case.

However, we are doing what is within our charter to avoid future tragedies: we are examining and evaluating all of our procedures to find ways we might make them even better in the future to protect the breed we love. We want to acknowledge the many emails received supporting our work, we appreciate your trust in us.

Grace Acosta, GGARR President June 2013

Steven Skeens - Rest in Peace

We have lost another friend, but gained another Guardian Angel, Steven Skeens. He is now in the presence of God and watching over all of us.

Rottweilers were his love and passion.


Stormy - the "wanna be" Rottweiler - one of our first rescues
read his story here