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You must have a backyard fence at least 4 to 6 feet tall.
Your application will be carefully scrutinized, including a background check.

NOTE: We check for ownership of the home, if you do not own your home and/or are renting, you must provide a letter from the landlord allowing a Rottweiler on the property.  You may submit the application to start the process and send the landlord's letter after.  Application will not be approved without it.

After we have spoken to your veterinarian, a home visit will be scheduled. Then your application may be accepted or rejected. GGARR has the right to deny any application. If rejected, we do not give the reasons why.

Adoption fee is $250.00 payable when you take possession of the dog.

If your application is approved, then you, and your entire family – including other pets, will be invited up to meet our dogs. Please, plan to spend at least one hour during your visit to see the available dogs. This is not a decision we want you to make lightly. Our goal is to create a lifelong relationship for you and your dog.

If you have any questions please contact, Yoly Ramirez 

Personal Information
Name: First name: Middle Name: Last Name: Date of Birth:
Spouse Name: First name: Middle Name: Last Name: Spouse Date of Birth:
Anyone else living in your housedhold that is over 18,
please enter each of their full names - first, last, and middle - and their date of birth.
Home Phone:
Alt Phone:
Your employer:
Spouse employer:
Does you or your spouse's job require frequent out-of-town travel?
Are you or your spouse subject to relocation?
Are you a student?
If "yes" enter anticipated graduation date:
Are you in the military?
If "yes" enter anticipated discharge date: 

Family Information

How many children are living at home?
Ages of all children listed above:
Besides your immediate family members, are there others residing in your home?
If "Yes" names and relationships of all others residing at your home:

Is there anyone in your home allergic to animals?
Does anyone have asthma?

Home Information

How long have you lived at your current address?
If less than two years, please provide your previous address
Please describe your neighborhood:
Please describe your type of dwelling:
Do you own or rent?
If you rent, please provide the name and phone number of your landlord:
Does your home have a yard?
If yes, please describe restraint system:
If your yard is fenced, please describe what kind:
Can strangers gain access to your yard from the street?

Other Pet Information

Do you have other pets at this time?
How many?
What Kind?
If "yes" are they spayed or neutered yet?
If "yes" are they currently on heartworm preventative?
If "yes" are they indoor or outdoor?
Please describe your pets in detail including gender:
If you have owned pets in the past and do not now, what happened to them?

Placement Information

Have you ever owned a Rottweiler before?
Are you looking for primarily an indoor dog or primarily an outdoor dog? 
What role would you like your new Rottweiler to play in your life?
(please check all that apply)
Companion/pet Obedience Protection Therapy Hunting 
Other roles (specify): 
Please describe where the dog will stay when you are at home:
Please describe where the dog will stay when you are away:
How many hours per day will the dog be alone?
Do you have a crate?
If "yes" how many hours per day will the dog be crated?
Do you plan to use a crate? why or why not?
Do you currently have a dog door?
If "no" would you consider putting one in?  
What kinds of solutions would you be willing to try if housebreaking accidents occurred?
(please check all that apply)
crate dog door leave outside none, I would need to return the dog 
Other solutions (specify):
Are you aware that Rottweilers can be more prone to Parvo virus? 


Please provide us with your current veterinarian information:
If less than five years, please provide us your previous veterinarian information:
Please provide three references that are not related to you:
Reference #1
(day phone)
(evening phone)
Reference #2
(day phone)
(evening phone)
Reference #3
(day phone)
(evening phone)

And Finally...

Do you have a gender preference? Male Female No preference
Age preference?
Is there a dog on our web page that you are especially interested in?
If you were referred by anyone, please tell us so we may thank them: 
Please give us any other information that may help us make the best match for you and your new Rottweiler: 
Although our dogs are behavior tested and we work hard to ensure that our dogs are well adjusted and non-aggressive we cannot guarantee the personality of any dog.  GGARR releases all legal responsibility of any of our dogs to the new owners. 

Courtesy Listing Dogs

This dog is not a GGARR dog but is placed as a courtesy to the foster home or owner of this dog.  GGARR takes no responsibility for the condition, medical state, temperament or personality of this dog. 

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