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ROSINA- a sweetheart, you will love her
Size: Medium
Age :  4-5 yrs
Sex:  female


Rosina is a sweet 4-5 year young Rottweiler. She loves humans and will nudge your hand gently with her head to ask for more attention.

Rosina is crate trained and appears to be housebroken. She is very polite and did not jump on the bed or couch without invitation.

She shows no food aggression towards humans. She appears to do well with other dogs. She could stand to lose some weight. I could see her being the type to follow you around. However when she was at my place she was not very mobile due to her weight. She can however do stairs. Just slowly. She loves car rides and will gladly jump in the car to go on one.  

 This wonderful girl NEEDS YOU!

Contact Diana Alcazar at,

Location: TAMPA,  FL 


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