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DWAYNE - The Rock
Size: Medium
Age : 2 YRS OLD
Sex:  male


From New Smyrna Beach Humane Society were he stayed for over a week, while the staff was reaching out to rescues able to take him.

At the facility he was scared and a little unsecured but sweet, and he bonded only with Jade, one of the of the staff members. 

When our rescue coordinator, Diana went to pick him up, he refused to go into the the crate, so after trying to get him to cooperate for over 40 minutes, he was loaded on the second row of seats, for their 3 hour trip.  Dwayne relaxed so much that by the time they reached their destination he was a completely different dog. 

He met Diana’s son, and immediately started licking his hand, and followed him inside the house. 

The pictures are from the day after his arrival. He is a playful, handsome, tall and sweet young dog. If you want to know more about Dwayne, please contact Diana.

For information on DWAYNE please contact Diana Alcazar at

Location: TAMPA FL 


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