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Size: Medium
Age : 2 - 3 yrs old 
Sex:  male

Take a look at this video...


When Scooby first came out of MDAS and into Rescue with GGARR at Clint Moore Animal Hospital this week, he was in critical condition and in respiratory distress with diffuse pneumonia and a soaring WBC count of 35,000. With aggressive emergent medical care including 2 antibiotics and nebulizer treatments - and LOTS of TLC - he is now ready for adoption. 

He is alert and happy and eating well.  There is no doubt in my mind- none whatsoever - that the warriors among us on FB and beyond - those who prayed for him or donated for his care or shared his story - this community - all of you- have saved his life. .

You are ALL his Guardian Angels

For information on SCOOBY , please contact Laurie Kardon at

Location:  BOCA RATON



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