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Size: Medium
Age : 3-4 yrs old 
Sex:  male

RILEY'S' STORY:  Owner surrender.

Riley has a sad story, he was dumped in a shelter that doesn't adopt out Rottweilers to the public,  just one day after being adopted in another shelter that is 50 miles away. Not his fault, the person who adopted him,  didn't verify first with the apartment management where he lives, if a dog of Riley's sizes will be permitted. That is is how, he found himself  all over again, alone, scared, confused in a strange, noisy and cold place.

Although all of he has been thru, Riley is a happy, sweet, mellow and playful boy. He will work for a piece of chicken, not much interest for toys. He is tall and needs to put a little bit of weight, but not too much. When he sees you, he acts like you were his  friend for his entire life, warms up immediately to you, wants attention and affection.

We estimate that Riley is young, probably 3 to 4 years old, at the shelter he was tested with cats and didn't show any type of aggression or being overly interested on them, the same behavior was observed when he was walked by other dogs’ kennels, he just mind his business.

Because of his size, we prefer a family with older kids, he will be the perfect companion for long walks and hikes. 

For more information about Riley, please contact Yoly Ramirez at


Location:  MIAMI  FL




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