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LAST UPDATE 8/03/01 at the bottom of the page!

It seems the name CHANCE is one reserved for rescue dogs with leg problems. 

Our first CHANCE came out of Miami Dade Animal Control.  He had a broken front leg with nerve damage.  He was rescued the day when he was to be put to sleep.  CHANCE was adopted by Tony & Marie Zeak of Cocoa, FL., and his name was changed to AIJO. His leg was amputated and he now serves as Therapy Dog.
Go and look at Aijo at

Our second CHANCE was rescued by Maria Burns of Ashland, Ohio.  He also was taken out of Animal Control. This Chance had a front leg completely deformed from an old injury.  Chance went to Ohio State University Veterinary School and his surgery to correct his leg was done.
His website is

CHANCE, THE THIRD is a dog found after he had been hit by a car.

On Thursday, July 19th, 2001 Grace received a call from a veterinary clinic in Jacksonville. They had this dog and they were getting ready to amputate one of his rear legs.  Grace was told that all the medical care was going to be provided for FREE by the clinic!  They asked for help in finding a home for this little dog.  On this date, Grace was not told what they had named him.

On 7/22/01 Marie Zeak writes to Grace the following:
You should have received this when I did.  According to Kaye, she spoke with you on Thursday AM, you were not able to talk long as you were leaving for Tampa.  This is the dog that I called you about in Jacksonville Beach, the dog that was to have his right rear leg amputated, and they named him Chance. They (the surgeons and staff) are taking care of all of the medical bills etc.  They just want to find him a forever home. When I talked with you Thursday night, you told me to post his story, and that I did. 

On 7/22/01  Marie Zeak writes to the Gulfstream Rottweiler Club membership the following:


This is NOT a plea for donations.  No monies needed! PLEASE stay with me here!
7-13, late at night someone heard a car accident, thought they heard a dog screaming. Went to look in the rain, unable to locate the dog. 7-14 Animal Care and Control  was called.   They located the dog under bushes.  Small Rottweiler, both back legs injured. Rushed to the Ocean View Animal Clinic in Jacksonville Beach, FL.  Dog had been laying in the rain for 12 hours.
Unlike, poor Macy, this male was given immediate medial attention!  All local authorizes notified, i.e.: Human Society, lost pet columns, etc.  Somehow, someone at this wonderful clinic saw an article with Maria Burns' "Chance".  I am a bit fuzzy here on details.  A call was made to Maria, hence yesterday, I received a call regarding this young male.  The call came from two "Guardian Angels", Kaye and Lillian from the Ocean View Animal Clinic.
Young male, heartworm negative, approx 2 years of age, mal-nourished, only 49 lbs.  No one came forward to claim "ownership".  Dog has been receiving the "best of the best" in vet care during this period of time.  After several surgeons had agreed, the right rear leg was to be amputated.  As I type this, this dog is on the table.  Surgery began at about 2:30PM today.

his leg had no skin, it had to be removed!


The clinic, the doctors, the staff. all are taking care of this dog's medical expenses!  I have been very fortunate to speak with Kaye and Lillian.  Has anyone ever felt true love and commitment through the phone lines?  Well, I have, once again!   I spoke with Grace in Tampa last night about 11:PM, and she asked me to post this to the membership.  Photos are being sent to her and she will relay them to everyone when she returns from Tampa.
Why were we called?  The Guardian Angels at the Ocean View Clinic need a foster home for this boy  after he can be released.  Naturally, his "FOREVER HOME" is the perfect situation.  They are willing to keep him at the clinic for what-ever it takes, yet, they know that a good loving "home" will be the best for his recovery, when he is able to leave them.  Yes, another  Rottweiler with 3 legs, and a special home will be needed for this little guy.  Kaye says "He likes lots of kisses and cuddles".
We all thank God that Maria Burns' "Chance" aka "Deeters" has  found his Forever Home.  God bless you Maria.  And, "Macy" with her tremendous leg surgeries will go to her Forever home.  God bless Susie , Deborah and Lenny.  And thank God that these two very special Rottweilers will go forward on 4 legs.
This young male in Jacksonville Beach, FL  will go forward on 3 legs, and having the best of care that anyone could ever hope for.  This staff and the doctors HAD to see something VERY SPECIAL in this boy!!!  PLEASE think about fostering him, or even better giving him a Forever Home.  A Rottweiler with 3 legs is  really not a challenge, but a fulfilling place in one's heart.
When I spoke with Kaye and Lillian yesterday, I asked, "What did you name him?"  Are you ready for this! 
They said, "We call him CHANCE, with injuries like his, he sure deserves one"
Thank you for your time.  Please help with finding this special little guy a home.  I know we can "do it".
Much love to all,  Marie Zeak and "Aijo" (AKA "CHANCE")  working miracles on 3 legs.


Dr. Wayne Knapke, DVM
Ocean View Clinic
1210 3rd St. North
Jacksonville Beach, FL  32253

 PH: 904-246-3600
PH: 904-241-9833 (after 6:00PM and the ER line)

They will be in dire need of  a foster home shortly if a forever home is not located.  Everyone at the clinic is tapped out with no room at the inn with their own animals and fosters.  Kaye told me that Chance can stay there for as long as it takes, but they feel that he should have a more one-on-one home for recovery. 

His name "Chance of Ocean View" is appropriate. 

On Saturday, July 28th, Tony & Marie Zeak visited Chance!

I will try to be brief regarding our journey to Jacksonville Beach. The clinic is beautiful. Kaye and Lillian are true Guardian Angels. Unfortunately  we did not meet the surgeon, as he was so busy, and we had to cut our visit short. Naturally, we had Magic, Pete and Aijo with us. As we were spending time with Chance, the A/C was running in the van, and Tony went to check on things to discover the van was starting to over-heat. So we had to start back home quickly.

Within minutes after we arrived, Kaye appeared with Chance wearing his Elizabeth collar.  She removed it and his little body was just wiggling and he started giving us the sweetest and very gentle kisses.  Such a happy little guy!  And he is LITTLE.  He is about 2 years of age, yet he is the size of a 6 month Rottweiler puppy.  He is a little under 50 pounds, and needs another 15 to be healthy. No more than 70 pounds (max) for his height.  He has the sweetest little face that I have ever seen, and so gentle! 


Tony and I took him out to the lovely patio and even though his surgeries were 8 days ago, he had no idea that he was "disabled".  Staples and stitches intact, he just ran through the grass, happy as a little clam, stopping only to wiggle and give us kisses.

We thought is was time for him to meet "Aijo". Tony brought Aijo out of the van.  Chance pranced up to him, said, "Hi big guy, my name is Chance, what's yours?"  His little body just so happy.  Aijo made one quick snap and a noise.  Little Chance looked so sad and hid behind Tony.  So, not to stress him any further, we put Aijo back in the van. 
Back inside the clinic, several clients were coming and going and Chance was so happy to see each person.  Someone, somewhere, had to have given this little guy love and socialization.  I cannot believe that no one has stepped forward to "claim" him.


Well, Grace, I did not want to leave him.  Kaye seems to think that he will be ready to be adopted the end of next week.  He is heartworm negative, current on all vaccines.  I know within my heart that he will be a loving companion to someone.  That someone should be ready to be showered with kisses and a wiggly butt.  Chance needs someone that will hold and cuddle him.  He is a prime candidate to share a bed pillow and a spot on the sofa with the people in his 'forever home".  He has so much love in his little heart to give.  Tony and I are so glad that we made our journey to meet a little tri-pod that will forever remain so special in our hearts.
We pray that someone will be his Guardian Angel and give him the loving home that a very special dog deserves.  And you have not heard the last from me regarding him.

And while we were at the clinic, Chance, The Second,  raffle winning ticket was drawn by this little boy
and the winner was  
Celia Trimble Boone, of Abilene, Texas. 

Love,  Marie 

are YOU my home?

update 8/03/01
This weekend we have an adoption drive with animal care and control.  Chance  will be there but he won't be going home with anyone - unless they come back at another time and we check their situation out etc!  Nothing but the best for our boy!  He was helping me clean the pet shop yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, he couldn't decide whether he wanted a raw hide, a pig ear or a dental bone so he had at least 3 of each spread out across the floor!  He's sucha sweetie. 
I'll take some more pictures of him this week.  
Love Kaye and Chance


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edited 8/03/01