It may sound ridiculous,  but it is right on time.  
We  believe that something is  about to happen.  Angels exist, only  sometimes they  haven't got wings and we call them friends.


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Flash! BORIS Flash!
December 19th, 2004

Boris and Logan wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

Came to George and Nancy Fishman one hot summer day in June 2003 
Let BORIS tell you the story!

"Hi, I have been named BORIS by a couple who I have heard are called Guardian Angels, whatever that means!
I came to their home because I was tired and extremely hot and thirsty. I had been on the streets for several days. They had a huge backyard with trees and shade! I walked up to their door and waited there, patiently." 

"I could not see out of my right side. My eye was shot. I heard them say, "Oh my Gosh, he is missing his right eye!"

"I was very, very tired and hungry. George and Nancy allowed me to go to their yard and rest. I was fed and given water. I could tell at first I was not trusted, they had never been around a Rottweiler before."

"But, I smiled at them and they began feel comfortable with me around."

They had "someone" inside their home, I could hear him talk. I also heard them say that I might hurt "him". I wondered who could that be. From the tone of his voice I knew "he" was not THAT big, like me.  I spent maybe two or three days begging to let me in and enjoy the cool air I felt every time they opened the door.  All these days waiting outside and hearing the "little one".
"Then, one day I met "him".  He was a tiny fellow, curly gray hair, but with a "bad attitude".  I heard someone say he was a TERRIER mix.  He was a TERROR alright.

I tried to tell him to relax but the little one kept telling me "IT'S MY HOUSE!" 
"No problem dude, you can still be boss around here, but I need a place to stay". 

He understood and allowed me to spend one night inside this home. And then, another and another..."

"George and Nancy fell in love with me, I could tell. They took me to the vet and found out that I HAD MY RIGHT EYE in place! I had a bad eye infection. 

They contacted a rescue group called
Gulfstream GUARDIAN ANGELS Rottweiler Rescue.
I heard that name again, Guardian Angel. I wondered what it meant. 

At the vet the "Guardian Angels" took care of me.
The only thing that scared me a bit was when I heard them say, "he will not be able to have babies".  At my "age", who cared!

I want to show you a couple of pictures of George, Nancy and I."
"I loved George and Nancy. But, I heard them say they were looking for a home for me.  I was sad."

"Soon, I began to feel better. All I heard them say to me was, how great my life was going to be and how much they really loved me!
"ME, TOO. ME, TOO. I told them every time I could"
And I began to SMILE AGAIN!

"I gained weight, my eye infection went away and I was happy."

I heard George and Nancy say my pictures were everywhere on the Internet.
NOW! That, was  new word for me!"

"Someone from far, far away, was interested in giving me a home!"
I heard ... CANADA!  I had to "fly"? 
Gee, I did not know how to do THAT, fly! 

This Guardian Angel's name was GWEN HAYNES.
I was really impressed because to tell you the truth, I did not think anyone would have wanted an old guy like me with a missing eye!"

"But, SHE WANTED ME!  Every single night I heard George and Nancy talk about me "flying" to Canada."

"It happened. Gwen sent her adoption form. The Guardian Angels got me a traveling "home" (crate I heard them say) and plans were made for me to "fly"."

"I left Miami on a Sunday morning. George, Nancy, Yoly and Grace came to the airport to say "See you later, Boris".  Later?, I thought. Canada was hours of "flying" away, see you later? I was so confused, but I trusted George and Nancy.

"I was more confused when I heard, 'he is flying to DENVER, Colorado'.  My fear went away when I learned that Gwen's sister was picking me up at the Denver airport and driving me into Canada."

"I know how George and Nancy felt. I felt the same. In the short days of my life with them I learned how good these people were and I learned to love them with all of my heart. Then I asked my self, WHY?

And the answer I heard it from Grace. She said to me,

'Boris, from day one, when you arrived at George and Nancy's home, you were in the HANDS OF GOD.  Do not fear, my boy.
God is with you.'"

"I said goodbye to my "saviors" and I went to "fly".

The following are several emails received before and after Boris went to live with his new mother Gwen Haynes

On July 27th, 2003 Yoly Ramirez writes to the membership of Gulfstream Rottweiler Club.

Today was a BIG DAY for Rescue.

George and Nancy Fishman, took Boris to Continental Airlines at Miami International Airport.  Grace and I were there waiting, I know was a difficult moment for the Fishman's but they did what Foster Parents are supposed to do, take good care and them let go.

Boris went from Miami to Denver. He was picked up by Gwen Haynes' brother in law. Deborah Haynes and her husband will drive Boris to Calgary in the next couples of days and Mark and Gwen can't wait to see him.

Mark called me this afternoon after his brother in law called him from the Denver Airport. He told me he is a teacher and has one more month of vacation and that will give him plenty of time to bond with Boris.

Boris will share his new home with his Step Brother Logan, which is a 14 months Rottweiler show dog. Logan has a lot to learn from Boris who is a graduate of THE STREET UNIVERSITY ""LOL""

We can't wait to see pictures of Boris in his new environment. Gwen even bought him a jacket for the cold Canada weather.  He is going to be one spoiled, Rottenweiler.

Thank you George and Nancy for your great help in taking such a great care of Boris, he will never forget you.
Thank you Mark and Gwen for want to adopting Boris, even when you thought he had only one eye.
Boris will be very happy at his new home as soon as he realized how much is loved there.


On July 27th, 2003  George and Nancy Fishman write...

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement -- most especially, of course, to Grace and Yoli - our constant mentors during Boris' stay with us.
We just spoke with Wes in Denver and he told us that Boris' introduction to their own rotts  went very smoothly and that Boris has already shown his sweet and tolerant disposition. This reinforces our confidence that he will get along fine with Logan in Calgary.
We wish you all the very best with your noble work and wish you all success and delight with your special companions.
Gwen has promised reports once Boris arrives and starts his new life with her family. No doubt some of the stories and pics will make it to the web site.
Bless you all.
George and Nancy

On July 28th, Gwen Haynes writes...

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to give you the head's up on Boris.  He arrived safe and sound into the arms of my sister and her husband.  I spoke with my sister last night around 10:00 pm. and Boris was having a "love session" with my brother-in-law on Braun's dog bed (Braun is their old boy - 12 3/4 yrs. old).  Their other dog - Tasha - around 8 yrs. old, was flirting like crazy with Boris.  My sister was telling me that Tasha has not flirted with another dog in a very long time.  Boris and her got a long great.  When it came time for dinner time, Boris was quite a talker waiting for his dinner and very excited.  He ate his entire dinner and spent the rest of the night living it up on the couch with my sister or her husband.  Apparently he is quite a lap dog.  They think he is very sweet and does not want to cause any conflicts with any of the dogs.  He had a great sleep in his crate as they had to step out for an hour last night when they brought Boris home. He did not bark or whine and in fact had a fantastic sleep in his crate.

So all is well.  So glad to hear that he has had a nice transition and gets a little rest before his journey to Canada.  My husband can hardly wait to have him all to himself before he heads back to school in September.  I am sure they will become best buddies.  I think I will know what my poor husband goes through when I do everything with Logan.

My sister and brother in law have given Boris tons of kisses and hugs for everyone.  Boris has quite a fan club and a huge support system.

We are going to have tons of fun with Boris and he will be so loved and well cared for.  He has an appointment to have his teeth cleaned and a
geriatric blood panel done on him to make sure all his organs are functioning normally.

Only three more sleeps before my husband and I finally get to meet our NEW MAN!!!!

Thank you to everyone who made this happen.


On July 30th, Marie Zeak writes...

Dear Grace,
 Sometime, later on today, you will be receiving wonderful photos from Cari Hamilton in Denver. What photos you say!  hahaha. Photos of our Mr. Boris and Dante together in Denver.

The timing was down to the wire on this.  When I told Cari about Boris being in Denver yesterday, she wanted to meet him and suggested a photo shoot.  We made it happen.  I talked with Gwen's sister last night and the timing was worked out in the Denver area while Gwen's sister was heading for Canada.

Cari called me about an hour ago and was very impressed with our Boris. She had a delightful visit with Deb Haynes.  I will bring you up to speed on Dante when I can get the computer again.  Cari will be sending the photos to you, me and to Gwen.  I can hardly wait.  Just hang on, and I will send you the latest on Dante and since you are so great with words, you can create a wonderful story about the Florida dog wanting to meet Dante, or Dante wanting to meet Boris, which is the "real reason that Boris wanted to go to Denver first" hahah.

Dante is in his braces and will have surgery on his front legs in a few weeks.  More later.  As you say "It is a small world",

Marie Zeak

On 8/02 Nancy Fishman writes..

Dear Grace and Yoli,

Boris is safe and sound in Canada. He completed the second leg of his trip like a champ, and Gwen and her husband have welcomed him with open arms. More important, so has their dog, Logan. They have been playing together, and Boris has gone swimming in the pool. The transition has gone smoothly so far. Gwen is amazed at how well Boris has fit in.

Boris is eating well, getting exercise, sleeping soundly and otherwise having the kind of retirement the rest of us can only dream of.

Gwen says that she will send out an e-mail update in the next week.

You all not only rescued Boris, you rescued George and me when a stray Rottweiler mysteriously appeared on our doorstep. You have our undying gratitude.

All the best,

Boris story will continue ...
And from Canada Gwen Haynes tells us how
BORIS is doing.

August 5, 2003
Hello Everyone

First I must apologize for not getting back to everyone sooner.  I know some of you were worried because you had not heard from me BUT NO NEWS IS GREAT NEWS!!!!

It has been a crazy weekend with dog shows and 4 Rottweilers living in our house (plus two cats).  I have to go back to work just to catch my breath it seems.

Well where do I start?

Boris arrived on Thurs. evening after having traveled a LONG way to be with us.

We placed Logan in our backyard and then brought Boris in.  Boris and Logan got along famously right from the start.  Logan immediately wanted to play with him.  Boris was somewhat confused by this very eager EXUBERANT young boy.  Logan gave Boris lots of kisses and they looked like they had been together forever.

What pleases us so much about Boris is his ferocious appetite.  THAT BOY CAN EAT!!!!!  We have now moved him off kibble and he is enjoying eating raw.  So far there is nothing he won't eat.  I have him on his supplements
and his coat is looking amazing.  I can only slightly feel his ribs which is PERFECT!!!!  He still has a little waist and such a small rear - IT IS SO CUTE!!!!!

We bought him a new collar and leash and fixed up his crate for him so that it is all comfy and cozy.  I have to admit - putting Boris in his crate for the first few days when we had to be at the show was like putting a mule in
a trailer.  It was a joint effort of two people and lots of treats.  Well, Mr. Boris is so smart now that all you have to say to him is CRATE and he walks right in.  We still give him a treat for doing this but it requires just one person to shut the crate door.  Is he not amazing!!!!  Also he has
learned the word KENNEL as his place for doing his "business" in the backyard and then he comes running to the back door.  He sits on command and we are teaching him the word DOWN and LEAVE IT for the cats.  I think
the cats will take a bit more time but it is a work in progress.  He really finds them fascinating although the cats don't think that of Boris.

We are having his teeth cleaned in the next week or two, his eye looked at and his nails clipped as they are like lethal weapons right now.  His eye seems much better these last couple of days but I am still worried about it.  I have been putting some antibiotic cream in it and it has made a
difference.  He can almost open it fully and I am hoping that he can see out of it but my husband and I are debating that one.

My husband and I have walked him every night and he loves going for a walk. He does this great dance of joy when you go for the leash and his collar. God forbid you mention the word WALK.  Dogs come and go on the street and Boris is not really interested.  His tail wags like crazy or should I say his bum vibrates like crazy.

He lays beside us whenever we are in the living room or kitchen.  Loves to be loved.  He is a big talker and I swear he PURRS when you pet him.

He absolutely adores the sprinkler and the baby pool we have in our backyard.  Oh and forget about watering your flowers - he is in my flower bed trying to catch the water from the hose!!!!  He is so silly that I just laugh at him constantly.  I can't believe he is as old as he is.  He acts
like a puppy!!!!!

I promise pictures soon.  We had no time to take any this weekend - SORRY ABOUT THAT.  But I will get clicking very soon.

We are so happy and pleased with Boris that I can't really convey it in words.  We know it will be a while before we all click together like a family unit but we are prepared to put in that time and patience.  Once we get Boris feeling 100% he will be an even happier dog - CAN YOU IMAGINE!!!!! (i.e.: his eye sight, his teeth cleaned and those nails clipped).

I promise more updates soon AND PICTURES!!!!


Boris's new Mommy and Daddy - Gwen and Mark from Calgary, Canada.

BORIS loves his new home!

You have to read this.  It was received on October 2, 2003!
Hi Everyone

I just wanted to tell you about a very proud moment I had last night with respect to Boris (it is a little long but it is a great story)

We attended our 3rd obedience class last night (you CAN teach an old dog new tricks) and they had their very first play session together.  There
were about 8 other dogs besides Boris in the class.  I was asked by my instructor how Boris was with other dogs and I told her that he is
perfectly fine - he whines a little, sniffs and then walks away. 

Our instructor asked the owner of the two smaller dogs (Min. Pin and a Bischon) to pick them up and go to the other room to play until the bigger dogs got use to themselves.  On the instructor's command we were to tell our dogs to GO PLAY.  Well I told Boris to GO PLAY and he just looked at me like "What does that mean Mom".  So I got up and walked to the other dogs and he followed me.  The instructor told every one that Boris is 8 years old and might be a little grumpy with the younger dogs but he had earned that right because he is old and that is fine and not to be alarmed if Boris starts to talk because Rotties do a lot of talking. 

Well Boris sniffed all the dogs and then sniffed all the owners.  He stood on the sidelines and watched all the playing - the younger dogs were really getting into it with each other and making lots of noise and Boris decided that the youngsters were getting carried away so he walked into the middle of them, spoke to them in words only they could understand.  The younger ones immediately listened to Boris and settled right down.  Then Boris let them start to play again and there was one young boy in particular that would not settle down enough for Boris, so Boris picked him out of the herd and pushed him over to one side of the group and would not allow him go back and play until he had settled down enough for Boris. 

It was amazing to watch animal communication at its best.  They all listened to Boris, he just had to say a few words, they listened, they settled and Boris kept his patrol of the group.  He mostly enjoyed visiting with the humans because he figured if he sat nice, he would get a treat AND HE DID.

Then the little dogs were invited into the group.  They placed them on the ground and Boris came up to them and sniffed them and gave each of them a
lick - well I am surprised the Min Pin did not get picked up by Boris's BIG TONGUE.  Then the younger guys decided they needed to check out the small dogs.  They came running over to the little dogs and started to push them around and the little dogs started to squeak.  Boris came running over,
talking loudly to the younger dogs, they dispersed and Boris spent the remainder of the time lying next to the little dogs to ensure that the younger ones did not get carried away with them.

At the end of the class, the instructor asked us what we were most of proud of our dogs this week.  I said that I was most proud of Boris, just now with
the other dogs and how well he handled it all.  I have only had him two months and he constantly ceases to amaze me.  Boris basically cut out the
rest of the class with 15 minutes to spare.  He was pretty tired from having to patrol the pack. 

We were out in the field at the end of class and every
single person from our class, drove past us and rolled down their windows and said GOODBYE BORIS - SEE YOU NEXT WEEK. I almost started to cry because these were people who were not too keen that a Rottie was in their obedience class, and now they all loved him because they realized that he was a great dog.  Size isn't everything (sorry about that one for the guys on this list <g>)

Boris did the Rotttweiler Breed PROUD yesterday.  I just wanted to share that with everyone.  Sorry I went on a little long but it was such a great story
that I wanted you to know that these Rescues are very very special dogs and I thank God everyday for letting Boris escape from his torment and to be
able to find us at the other side of his world!!!!

God Bless.

Gwen and Boris

On November 6, 2003

we are told

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to update you on Boris.

Yesterday was Boris's graduation from his first official Obedience Class. He was feeling pretty sore from our cold weather when we walked into the building yesterday evening and I kept thinking that perhaps we should not go.

But I know that this is really important to Boris and to me so I thought we should go and we would go at Boris's speed through the graduation.

Well Boris did great.  He was the best at our mini-obedience relay, had the best loose leash walking and the BEST recall.  He loves all the distractions of the dogs but when his Mommy calls out his name for him to
COME - Boris turns that cute little head of his with those "too small for his head EARS" and comes trotting as fast as Boris can to get to me.  He was the only dog to do it with all the dogs running around.

When it came time for our diplomas to be handed out, the instructor called our names and we had to walk over with our dog and get our Certificates. The instructor called out Boris to come and get his Certificate - as I was walking up there, everyone stood up and started clapping for us, I started to cry as I came up to the instructor and then the instructor started to cry.  She gave us a big hug and bent down to give Boris a big kiss and hug and tell her how proud she was of him to have graduated and done so well for being an old dog and having to tolerate the "youngsters".

I have framed his Certificate already and have hung it by Logan's stuff on the walls.  Now I can start to build Boris's wall of achievements.  I can't wait to keep adding to it.

I just wanted to share with you Boris's graduation day.   I am very very proud of this boy (as if you can't tell that - RIGHT!!!).

P.S.  Boris and Logan have been together now for a week - they are getting along like typical brothers would who have been apart for a while.  Boris wants every toy that Logan has and does not want Logan to have them back. Boris does not play much but now that Logan has come into the picture - he wants every single toy of Logan's and actually waits for Logan to drop it so that he can go and steal it and run away to the spare room and hoard them so that Logan can't have them.  It is quite funny to watch my old spoiled brat be such a brat!!!!  Thank god Logan is so easy going about it all.  He just runs and gets another toy to play with.  Keeps Boris busy I
tell ya!!!

Hi Grandma Grace - it's me Boris.   CHRISTMAS 2003!

I wanted to send you my VERY FIRST Christmas picture with Santa.  It was lots of fun and I was very well behaved.  I got extra cookies because everyone knew I was a rescue and when they found out that I was all the way from Miami, they gave me lots of hugs and I got to give them big kisses.

I am also sending you my picture with my brother Logan - we are starting to get along a lot better these days.  I think we have decided that it is okay to share toys and that we can have playing by ourselves on our beds rather then me trying to steal Logan's toys from him when he is playing.  Mom was getting mad at us over our silliness.  She was right - it was silly.  Now we play tug with a special toy and sometimes I win and sometimes Logan wins.

These pics. aren't the best but I do have the originals is you would like the same sent to you for my website.

Love you Grandma Grace! Bigs hugs and Sloppy Kisses.


My family

from left to right
my brother Champion Logan, my mom Gwen Haynes, my dad Mark Haynes, and of course, me!

It has been a huge change of life style for me, from the Florida heat to Canada's snow. But, I am the happiest dog in the world!

I wanted to share with you Boris's second Christmas Picture with Santa.  I can't tell you how adorable and how happy he looks in his picture.  I think he is the most photogenic dog I have seen in a long time (except for Bandido)

The second pic. is one of Boris and Lucy - his new sister.  Logan is in the states so he was not able to be in our group picture this year. Any how I wanted to share these with you.  Please feel free to share them with the rest of the group as I know they often wonder how those rescues are doing and all I can say is that your Canadian Rescue is doing JUST
FINE!!!  I know Palena would love to see Boris's pic. but I don't have her
address.  Love
Gwen -Calgary, AB





Gulfstream GUARDIAN ANGELS Rottweiler Rescue

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