JAY, a dog with Vitiligo


Size: Medium
Age: adult, looks older because of his condition, maybe 5 yrs old
Sex:  male

JAY - He is very handsome

Jay is a mature Rottie who has a condition called Vitiligo. Please, look up Vitiligo on the Internet. This condition only affects the color of the dog and they live a happy and healthy life. HW neg, fully vetted. Jay came from the Alachua County Animal Shelter. His owner developed cancer and  could no longer take care of Jay because he was so ill. Due to his age, he was going to be put down at the shelter that was also overcrowded. But our wonderful Louise asked GGARR to save this unique looking dog, they did . Jay is dog friendly, well behaved, walks great on a leash, well mannered, a really nice dog, no food aggression. In fact he will back up and wait until it is okay for him to go to his bowl. Due to his age, every once in a while he will pee inside but if left out a few times daily and is the first out in the morning and the last out in the evening is fine. 

If would you like to give Jay a family and home in his golden years, please visit www.ggarr.org to fill out an application! 
If you can't adopt , can you please share my pic ? Thanks 










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