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JASON  - July 3, 2007 - Gorgeous! ADOPTED ON AUGUST 11, 2007

Size: Medium
Age: two years old
Sex:  male


JASON (same story as GEM, both found by same rescuer)
This pretty boy was found stray and taken to Clay County AC.
Our dear GRC member Charlotte MacDonald who lives in Live Oaks, went and picked him up right after the Rottweiler Nationals and kept him until we had room for him in Miami.
This past week he came, transported by GRC members Nancy Groff, Jim Garvie, Leo and Mary Durbin.
Charlotte named him JASON and found him with an exceptional temperament, loving and willing to please.
JASON is about 2 years old, now neutered, shots UTD and microchip.
He is waiting for his Forever Home where he would be loved and cared Forever.

Contact Yoly Ramirez at 954 309-0115 or

You need to go to and fill out an application. 


On April 9, 2008 his owners write...

Dear Yoly,
April 13 we will have had Jason with us 9 months.  He is in perfect health.  His coat is so thick and glossy and his gait is perfect.  He is such a happy, content animal.  Very calm.  I take him for walks and other dogs, behind their electric fences are barking up a storm….Jason just proudly walks by and never makes a sound.  He is dignified and above all that noise making.  His house manners are perfect.  He never gets into any mischief.  He loves his toys and bones and chewing up his stuffed dollies.  He loves to lay and look at the squirrels and birds in the feeder hanging on the lanai.  Sometimes, rarely he woofs at them.
The local news station stopped me while I was out walking Jason.  They asked me some questions about things going on in our neighborhood and the caption on the news commentary read “Joyce Connor and Jason” as if he were a real person and had his own opinion.  He looked so distinguished on TV.  He likes to accompany us to St. Armands to eat dinner in the outside restaurants…….once again he is so calm and well behaved.  People come up to him and pet him and he’s OK with their attention.  He gets a lot of attention from us.  He is rarely left alone and spends most of his days with Mike in his office, happily chewing up his dollies.  He spends hours laying on his stuffed dog bed hugging with us when we watch TV.  He loves to cuddle.  He never has any accidents in the house.  We enjoy him so much and treasure him.  Let Charlotte know how well he is doing.
Lots of love,
Joyce Connor and Jason Carlos


Gulfstream GUARDIAN ANGELS Rottweiler Rescue

On June 14, 2008 his owners write...

Dear Yoly,
June 13, yesterday, was 10 months with Jason Carlos.  On August 13 we will celebrate his birthday.  As far as we are concerned we are guessing he was 2 years old when we got him, so that will make him 3.  

He is such an awesome dog.  We get such joy out of him.  We have a tree farm behind our house with acres of land.  Jason loves to walk with us in there.  He keeps a close eye on us, but when we can we hide behind a tree.  That dog has the best sense of smell.  He is immediately searching and seeking us out.  He has no other desire than to be right by us.  He hunts for geckos on the lanai and is quite good at it.  Many tailless geckos running around.  He loves ice cubes and hunting for hidden kongs stuffed with treats after his dinner.  He gnaws on the kongs all evening.  When we take him to St. Armands to eat dinner he is the perfect gentleman.  He never begs.  He settles himself by the table and watches all the sights.  People love him and when he meets a new person he automatically sits and lets them pet him.  Even little children holding ice cream cones and petting Jason are OK with him.  I am always very cautious in these situations.  He has a special rhinestone collar he wears for his outings and people like seeing him in it as opposed to when he wears his spike collar.  He is very healthy.  You should see his body in motion…….very fluid……his hips move perfectly.  If he hears the latch on his treat jar open in the kitchen, it is so comical to see him trotting in, ears flapping in the breeze.  He has a wonderful sense of hearing.  He also has excellent impulse control.  He can heel off leash and follow the pace as we speed up and slow down.  If he sees a squirrel he listens to our voice and resists running after it.  He is very good with listening to voice inflection.  We always walk in our neighborhood, where there is no traffic…….it is gated.  He is 105 pounds and is all muscle.  He has a nice waist on him.  He eats Origin dog food.  He isn’t allowed to beg and isn’t allowed up on the furniture.  He has 3 dog beds throughout the house, which he loves.  He is so graceful and gentle for a big dog.  When he drinks water out of bowl, there isn’t a drop outside the bowl.  His chin is always dry.  He chews his toys and rarely gets into any mischief.  One day I did come home to find he had fished out a pair of my underwear out of the clothes basket and chewed out the crotch of the undies.  It’s funny, I had had male Newfoundlands who also did the same thing.  

We LOVE our boy.  He is by far the best dog we ever had.  Very affectionate and loving.  He especially loves Mike, but he’s so funny….if Mike is loving and hugging him, Jason will look over at me and then run over and start pushing against me like “Hey, don’t feel left out, I love you too.”  We do that little exercise on purpose, because we get such a laugh out of seeing him  making sure no one is left out.  

I hope all is going well with you and your family and the rescue work.  We saw Grace on Miami Animal Rescue with a rottie named Cathy.  Thank you for all your work.  I want you to know that people appreciate and love your rotties.  I wouldn’t want Jason in any other home, because I think he gets so much TLC and attention here……he is so content and happy and he makes us feel the same way..
Lots of love,  

Joyce, Mike and Jason Carlos