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DAISY -  6/09 Great with cats!

Size: Medium
Age: She  is about  3 years old.
Sex:  female


First post received on 2/23/09
Dear Grace,
I volunteer at the Miami Dade Animal Services shelter and had the chance to get to know an incredibly sweet, 3 year old rottie named Daisy.  She appears to be pregnant and is small, so has not had interest in adoption and has been there two weeks now (as I'm sure you know, after only 5 days they can put down unadopted dogs).  I spent about 15 minutes in the run with her and I can tell you that she is the sweetest, most mellow girl you could hope to meet.  She adored the attention and wanted to cuddle, but wasn't demanding or dominant with me.  She just wanted the human touch and affection.
It crushes me that such an amazing dog will likely be put down, maybe even as soon as tomorrow.  She deserves so much more than that.  I realize that you must have so many requests to rescue dogs but I have to ask- is there any way your organization can help her?  If it is an issue of space I would be very willing to foster her, if your group could provide backing for vets and finding her a good home.  I want to help her in any way that I can and reaching out to you seems like the best way to give her a chance.
She is just as beautiful, calm and sweet as I remembered!  I will continue to send updates on this wonderful girl and please let me know what steps you would like me to take as far as vet checkups, photos, etc.
All the best,
She is healthy and ready to find her forever home. 
A blurb about Daisy:
"Daisy is a sweet, 60lb, 3 year old girl who is looking for her forever home.  She loves her long walks in the mornings and to lie at your feet for the rest of the day.

    She is loving with every person who has come in contact with her, including children, and spends her time trying to figure out how to please you.  She is a wonderful, unconditionally loving companion.  Truly an amazing dog."
Daisy is doing FANTASTICALLY.  She walks or jogs with us in the mornings, plays in the yard with our other dog Bama, and sleeps at our feet when she is done.  The biggest news of all is that she has learned to LOVE our cats! 

 She licks them, nuzzles them, walks around behind them sniffing their rear ends... and nothing makes her happier than when one decides to snuggle up against her or weave in and out of her legs. It is truly remarkable and just proves over and over again to me what a loving dog she is. 




Gulfstream GUARDIAN ANGELS Rottweiler Rescue


is a Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue

To adopt Daisy you need to submit an adoption application online

For more information please call
Yoly Ramirez at 954-309-0115

or write to

June 2009

The other day we met a new neighbor and her son through the fence, which Daisy usually takes upon herself to guard when she is outside.  The toddler waddled right up to the fence, stuck his hand through, and Daisy gave him nice wet kisses for his trouble.  She is so intelligent and sensitive to my commands and attitudes that she knew immediately that it was okay to "make friends."  What an amazing dog.
All the best,