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I found a dog

Should you find a stray Rottweiler, GGARR is certainly willing and available to assist you.  However, there are a few essential steps that should be taken immediately to help locate the owner, and they are as follows…

1) Check the dog’s ears and belly for a tattoo that will help track or identify the owner.

2) Take the dog to your nearest veterinarian and have him/her scanned for a microchip.

3) Call your local Animal Control center to see if the dog has been reported “missing”. Many people use Animal Control as a sort of “Lost & Found” when their pet becomes missing. Give as many details as possible to help identify the dog.  It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you DO NOT BRING the dog to Animal Control, as often times Rottweilers that are brought in to the facility will be euthanized because of the breed.  There is also a very high incident of Kennel Cough and other illness at Animal Control. Once a dog is placed there we often are unable to save them because they become ill and most clinic will not allow a contagious dog to Board at their facility  

4)  Posters, with a picture if possible, should be placed around your neighborhood and in local veterinary offices, pet stores, etc. to help locate the owner.  

5)  Ads should be placed in your local newspaper to help locate the owner…these ads are FREE OF CHARGE and  should be placed as soon as possible.  The ad should simply list the Breed and sex of the animal. Too many details may encourage someone just looking for a free dog to call.   You must also include a CONTACT NUMBER to assist the owner in retrieving the dog.  If you are hesitant to leave your own phone number, your are urged to leave a GGARR phone contact (see below) once you have made contact with us.  

6) If possible, you are urged to hold the dog in your home for 48-72 hours to see whether the owner can be located.  If you are unable to do so, please contact one of the GGARR members listed below to help assure the dog’s safety and location of his/her owner:                                            

Yoly Ramirez    954-309-0115

Grace Acosta 786-295-0829

Jim Garvie 407-856-1850                                                                                                           

These loving companions may require medical care, and often need to be boarded if their owners cannot be found. Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue relies solely on the generosity of the kind and caring individuals such as you to help us with such care. Donations are greatly appreciated to help us continue to carry out our mission of saving these lives. We are here to assist you in the endeavor you began….by following the above steps, you will greatly increase the chances of returning the lost animal to his/her owner, or help place him/her in a new permanent and loving home. Always remember, it may be your canine companion that one day relies on the caring and concern you have just extended.  

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Surrendering your dog

Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue is an organization dedicated to helping abandoned, neglected & abused Rottweilers.  Owner Surrenders are not considered Rescues.  We can provide assistance to those that need to find a home for their companions however your participation is REQUIRED

Surrendering your dog can be difficult decision for many pet owners and something that can be avoided if the underlying reasons can be properly identified and addressed appropriately.  Certainly, a long-time canine companion, or even a newly acquired youngster, deserves an honest and dedicated effort at maintaining his/her current home environment before such a drastic action is taken. Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue is willing and available to help you to work thru the problem in the hope that placement will then become unnecessary.   If a suitable solution cannot be made we can help you find the RIGHT home for your Rottweiler however, you will need to do your part.  Your dog is Your responsibility and working with us will ensure that he is placed in a good home where he will be loved and cared for.

One of the most common reasons for surrendering a pet is behavioral issues. Common problems such as chewing, digging, housebreaking, excessive barking & marking (urinating indoors). Inappropriate behavior may have been inadequately attended to in the dog’s early years and has now become problematic.  Consulting and investing in a private trainer for just a few lesions can teach you how to successfully solve the problem and make the need to find a new home unnecessary.  Group lesions are also available in most neighborhoods and can help with the cost being far less. The down side to group lessons is that that don’t usually address specific problems and the instructor may not have time to address your personal needs. Finding the problem and dealing with it correctly can save you and your family the heartbreak of having to give up your dog.  Neutering your dog (for males) may be helpful if marking is an issue. The saying “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks” is not true and your pet CAN, indeed, be taught good manners with your help and a dedication.

We often get calls from families that are moving and think that they have to leave their pet behind. There are many rental communities that accept pets.  You certainly wouldn’t think of moving to a community that did not accept children and while it may be more difficult to find a community that will allow children and pets, there are many around and we will be more than happy to help you locate one in the area in which you would like to live.

Another often-familiar reason that dogs are surrendered is that the owner feels that he “does not have time” for his pet.  Older dogs usually become “couch potatoes” and sleep most of their days away.  A simple 20-minute walk around the block, once or twice a day, is oftentimes enough to show your pet that you love him/her.  Having your companion next to you, with a pet on the head or rub on the belly, during your favorite movie or as you sit and read the newspaper, lets him/her know how much you care.  Finding homes for older dogs is often very difficult and while you may think that you don’t have the time he needs with just a little walk or a couple of pets your dog will be so much happier with you, than in a strange new home. 

A younger dog, however, does demand a bit more attention. Incorporating your pet into an exercise routine (walking/jogging/etc) is a great way of bonding for both you and your pet. Taking 5-10 minutes to throw a Frisbee or tennis ball with your companion, as soon as you get home from work, may not only help you unwind, but it also let’s your dog know that you care about him/her. Spending time with your pet is not as difficult to integrate into your daily routine as it may seem…it is merely a matter of scheduling…. we manage to do the laundry, pick up the kids, vacuum and make time for the other demands of our lives, so should it be, for the more fun aspect of our daily routine…our pet. Quality time, rather than quantity of time, is all that your pet needs.

If you have made your decision not to keep your pet, there are certain requirements that you will be responsible for in order for us to assist you in placing your pet. Your dog MUST have a current veterinary exam, be up to date on vaccinations, be on a heartworm preventative or show that they have been recently check for the Heartworm. All dogs being surrender thru GGARR must be also be spayed/neutered. If you would like assistance in finding a low cost vet for the above, we can help. 

You will also need to provide us with a biography for your dog outlining there background, likes, dislikes, temperament and the type of home they would best fit into.  You will need at least 3 GOOD pictures of your pet sent to us in an email. 

Once we have received your dogs’ info they will be placed on our websites to try and find a home.  We realize that this will require some work on your part, but we feel if you are truly interested in finding a GOOD home you will take the time to be sure that your dog is not put in a situation where she will be used for breeding, fighting, or to live out their life in a yard guarding someone’s property.  When you took that puppy home you entered into a commitment to care for that dog, for life.  We realize that circumstances change, but your responsibly still exists.  If you must give up your dog, then do everything you can to be sure that the rest of his life, he is properly cared for. 

During the time that we are assisting you to find a new home you will need to keep your dog as we do not have a kennel so please plan ahead.  You can figure that many dogs take 30 – 60 days to find the right home.

Please contact Yolanda Ramirez.

Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue relies solely on the generosity of individuals such as yourself, to help us with the cost of the many dogs we rescue each year.  Donations, no matter how small, are greatly appreciated and help us continue to provide care to those pet that have


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