Note: I have placed some new pictures taken on Friday, October 23, 2009

Picked up by Miami Animal Services on Tuesday, October 13.
The next day the shelter called Grace Acosta and on Thursday, October 15, 2009 he was picked up by Grace
and taken directly to Mueller Animal Hospital.
He was named MR. OCTOBER.

Here are his first pictures on his way to the clinic.


What you are going to see are pictures taken on
his first day of the REST OF HIS LIFE!
We will continue to update his story and God willing watch his recovery.

Before and a week after...


a WEEK after...

Mr October had to be picked up and placed inside the van in a crate


His feet are swollen and oozing, just like his face is.

a WEEK after...


When Mr. October got to the clinic,
the first thing was to give him a bath and a dip.
He was gentle and did not put on a fight,
or maybe he is so sick he could not complain.
But, he did cry a little bit as he was dried with a towel.

Here is a picture of his front legs and feet
while standing on the puddle of water and dip.


Mr October will spend the night at the clinic as he is being checked and medicated.
On Saturday, October 16 he will go to Grace's home where he will get tender loving care.


In 1999 we had the rescue of a dog named ELLIS.

His story went around the world, he was featured in the Miami Herald and even local NBC Channel 6 covered his story. Read his story by clicking on
his picture above.
Hundreds of people responded with donations
sent to Gulfstream Rottweiler Club. GRC was not an organized rescue organization as we
are now under the name of
501c3 Non Profit

We also have a better way for people to donate to our rescue efforts
through Pay Pal. All donations are tax deductible
and you will be sent a receipt if you request one.



Grace Acosta, Miami, FL
Maria H Alonso, Cincinnati, OH
Armando Angelbello, Davie, FL
Louise Banks, Pittsburg, PA
Sandi Barrett, Sandston, VA
Isabelle Brown, Townsend, GA
Ute Brown, Prattville, AL
Dede & Mark Brownstein, Albuquerque
Maria Burns, Ashland, OH
Linda & Bill Buttstead, Palmetto, FL
Cocker Spaniel Club SE FL
Mark Cowart, Hollywood, FL
In Loving Memory Susan (Dehart) Frost
Carrie Dempsey, Coral Springs, FL
Sam Erazo, Miami, FL
Jori Farrell, Boca Raton, FL
Kathleen Fear, Cooper City, FL
Humberto Fernandez, Pembroke Pines, FL
Norma Fines, Homestead, FL
Candance Graham, Roseville, CA
Gwendolen Haynes, Calgary Alberta, Canada
John R Helsdon, Coral Springs, FL
Jennifer Hessley, Davie, FL

Yesenia Hill, Coral Springs, FL
Ed & Nancy Johnson, Miami, FL
Loralee Johnson, Waddell, AZ
Charles Juneau
, Tampa, FL
Patricia Kachur, Roswell, GA
, Mary Kristensen, Aurora, CO
Anastasia Martinez, Shaumburg, IL
Alissa Myerson-Amato, PBG, FL
Ann Newbery, Boca Raton, FL
Ardis Petursdottir, Iceland
Cheryl Pingitore, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Viviana Rangel, Coral Gables, FL
Mark Rubenstein, Murfreesboro, TN
Cynthia Seip, Coral Gables, FL
Alta Mae Seitz, Payette, ID
Kelly Skiptunas, Wrightsville, PA
Jean Smith, Arcadia, FL
Tom Stephenson, Chicago, IL
The Dog Guy, Pinson, AL
Allen Voss, Mc Minnville, TN
Donna Warnick, Red Lion, PA
Gary Woodall, Candler, NC
Laura Wright Smith, New Castle, CO
Judith Zufi, Coral Gables, FL

I am going to create a database in alphabetical order
on behalf of Mr. October.
And, on his web page you will read...

"I too, saved Mr. October! I was a part of his rescue"
(list of all donors, no amount will be posted)

So, here is the first name. Join me!

Grace Acosta


I ask for prayers for his complete recovery