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Kenny was adopted and now has his forever home!!!!

Size: Medium
Age: 1 year
Sex:  Male

Updated 6-23-2006
HI! We arrived home last night at about 10pm.  We had stopped at Walmart in Homestead where I picked up a collar and some food for Malachy. Mom waited in the car with Cosita and Larry walked Malachy.  What a good boy!! He walked on the leash without a problem and was very well behaved. Larry gave him some water and he went to the bathroom. He jumped back into his carrier without a problem. When we got him home he sniffed our cats and the cats kind of spit at him - he ignored them.  They don't act like they feel threatened at all.  They kind of lazily spit at him but don't run or act like they are in danger.  You can tell the difference.  He and cosita are starting to get along a little better- she tries to play with him but runs for the hills when he comes after her and then does it again. We let him roam around the house to get used to it. He tried to mark the dining room but we used the noise that Karen made for no and he stopped. He slept in the kitchen last night. which we can close off.  Once we are sure he won't mark he will have free run of the house.  We have a lof of antiques and oriental rugs so we want to make sure he doesn't mark.. We got up early this morning - larry and I took him for a walk which he really enjoyed.  He was so fabulous on the leash! We even walked by another dog and he did not go crazy we just reigned him in a little and he was fine. We fed him- he is not a good eater though... but we are working on that...we give some him treats and we are going to find something he likes. I am getting that dog bone you mentioned today at Publix.  Plus he LOVES Piggy ears...I am also going to get the supplement on line. He is now sleeping on my bedroom floor while Larry is watching TV.  He is very affectionate! He LOVES to be hugged and kissed !!    Its a beautiful day here in Key West and we are  taking him into the pool this afternoon to play some catch. WELOVE HIM!!! Thank you soooo much!! We think he is just PERFECT for our family!!  We will send you pictures!! 
                    Margaret and Larry Belisle
I am a year old very good looking boy.  Apparently my family did
not want me or could not keep me any longer and they took me to Winter Haven and tied me to a mail box.
Well, I guess, at that moment my lucky began to change, because a very nice man call a Guardian Angel named Jim and he came and got me.
I was so thrill when I saw Jim, I knew right away that God had sent him.
Jim took me to his home and introduce me to his wife Linda and his Rottie Gang.
I going to the Vet this week to be neutered and get all my shots and after that, I am ready for my new FOREVER HOME.
I love people, I get along with other pets and I am soooo pretty.
Sorry if I am bragging about myself, but I think ~~I AM PERFECT~~
For information regarding Kenny, please contact Yoly Ramirez at  ygrotts@aol.com
or call her at 954-309-0115


Updated 7/11/2006

Updated 7/11/2006

Updated 7/11/2006


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