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DUKE - 10/08 adopted 10/08

Size: Medium
Age: 1-1/2 TO 2 YRS
Sex:  male


We found Duke in front of our house in Homestead 3 days ago with a collar but no tags.  We had seen him in the neighborhood for about a week, but he finally approached our house 3 days ago.  He was calmly looking at my female sheltie through the fence who was barking at him wildly.  At first, we were intimidated so we called Animal Control to come get him, but they wouldn't come since he wasn't contained.  We started throwing him treats over the fence and he shyly began to eat.  I put out a bowl of food and water through our iron gate and after a little while, he approached it and gobbled it up quickly.  We continued to give him treats and he slowly began to approach us.
After feeling good about his temperament, we invited him into our fenced yard.  We live on a busy street so we didn't want him to get hit by a car.  He didn't come to my invitation, but he did respond to my children.  I have 4 kids, ages 10, 8, 5 and 3.   The boys, ages 10 and 8, are his favorite.  We've had him for 3 days now.  The first day he was a little shy but friendly.  He mostly drank tons and tons of water.  He found a weak gate on our fence that our sheltie had never challenged and escaped again, but my kids coaxed him back inside the fence.  So he will need a secure fence.  The second day, he started running with my kids and playing ball.  He's wonderful with my sheltie, although he definitely has the strength advantage towards her.  He's not as fast as she is, but if she gets the ball, he just goes over and takes it.  All she can do is drop the ball and bark in protest afterwards.  He then goes to sit down with the ball and doesn't let her get it back.  It's very funny to watch them.  He's the nicest bully I've ever met.  They (the dogs) play very well together and follow each other all around.
We've temporarily named him Duke.  He doesn't appear to have any training.  He doesn't respond to Come or sit.  We took him to the vet and he pulled horribly.  It took all my strength to keep him with me.  I've since gotten a prong collar, like one we've used in training my sheltie.  We started practicing walking on leash today with it, a clicker and treats, and he's a quick learner.  In 20 minutes, he realized that pulling wasn't comfortable.  He'll need more training but he has a great temperament to learn.
The only aggression I've seen from him is that another dog (a retriever) started barking at him at the vet and he barked back.  I just kept him outside and the attendant came out to scan him.  He was fine until the other dog started barking at him, and like I said, he stood calmly while my sheltie was barking at him.   Also, we have a neighbor's beagle mix behind our yard who barks at the gate and they started running back and forth barking at each other.  I've stopped him from doing that with a squirt bottle.  He stops immediately, even when he just sees the bottle.
He's  very gentle with my children, including my 3-year-old who gives him treats by hand.  He's calm while the children play outside and inside.  Since our sheltie goes in and out, we've started trying to acclimate him to a crate.  He pooped and peed in the house the first night.  The last 2 nights he's stayed in the crate without pooping and peeing.  Most of the day, he's outside with my sheltie.  I do feed him in the crate so he can try to get acclimated to it, but he's still skeptical.  He's learning how to dart in, grab a bite and jump back out.  I don't know that he's housetrained at all.  He's usually outside during the day but he does stay dry at night in his crate, if we can get him into it.
He has opened up our hearts to the joys of rottweilers.  Unlike our sheltie, he's very confident, and sure of himself.  He rode in the car like a champ, giving us a saliva bath in the process.  His power needs to be controlled with training, but he has the temperament to learn.  We have enjoyed having him, but we weren't looking for a dog.  He just happened upon us.  We just wanted him to be safe while we found him people who really know the breed and would more confidently care for him than we can.  I have attached pictures to show how good he is with my kids and dog.  He's a doll.  We love Duke.  He'd be great with a family with kids.  He loves to play.

Please contact Yoly at 954 309-0115 or write to

GGARR is a Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue Ambassador
You need to fill an adoption application if you want to take DUKE home!




Gulfstream GUARDIAN ANGELS Rottweiler Rescue

on the day of his adoption from Duke's rescuer...

Thank you so much for the update.  The children will be very happy to know that Duke is finally home with his forever family.
I must share this end to our side of the story, since it seems from your message that you're a God-believing group.
When we left Mueller, three of my children (ages 3, 5, 8) broke out into tears.  My oldest (age 10) was sad but didn't cry.  The younger ones cried hysterically over having to leave Duke.  I had always talked to them about us keeping him temporarily, until we found his family, but he was such a great dog, that they totally fell in love with him.  They were inconsolable. 
While they were still crying, I took the children to Burger King to get them a Kids' Meal to reward them for rescuing Duke and giving him up.  They had helped clean up accidents in the house, bathe him, feed him and train him with crating and potty trips.  When they got their happy meals, the toys for the week were I-dogs--little plastic dogs.  They were sooo excited to get these dogs.  I told them that God was so proud of them for rescuing Duke and giving him up to a new family, that He blessed them with new toy dogs that they can keep FOREVER.  They were so happy and all the tears stopped.  Only God could have replaced the hurt in their hearts with the joy of having new little dogs for each of them to keep.  I was so thankful at God's love for my children.
Thanks to you all for helping us find a family for Duke.  Although we miss him, we're more happy that he has a new family that will love him even more than we do.  God bless you for what you do to rescue dogs.

Angela Bartee