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Buddy  was adopted and now has his forever home!!!!

Size: Medium
Age: 3.5 years
Sex:  male

UPDATED 6/11/2006
Hello its me again,
sorry for not emailing yesterday but i worked in the afternoon and didnt have anything to really report on yet and i ended up getting home very late last night. his first night he didnt whine at all, he followed us into our bedroom like he had been doing it forever and he scoped out the room and ended up sleeping next to my bed in a pile of my clothes. he slept there all night, he only woke up once to go around the other side of the bed to check on joe and then came back to my side. he keeps the cats out of the bedroom which is very good. they dont come in there when hes in there. they keep us awake when they are in there so we started shutting them out a while ago. he likes to sleep in maybe even longer than i do but that was good because when i woke up i gave him a belly rub and we went outside to do our business... our other dog fifi and buddy, not me in case thats how it sounded. then we play a little ball and then come in and relax while i shower and get my breakfast. by then hes settled down and is ready to eat. he eats very well, i just throw his glyco-flex in there with his food and he eats it. i went shopping for him yesterday and got him a permanent leash and collar and lots and lots of balls. his favorite one is a red ball called a kong ball. it doesnt have a hole for treats its just a plain ball and he loves it. he got tennis balls, a real kong, squeeky balls, balls that rattle and make funny noises and some that are just squishy. we got him a big bag of food, and liver treats until i can go to the store and get the real stuff. i also got him some canned food to mis with the dry. we bought him bottled water also. the water isnt very good to drink over here in port richey. lots of chlorine and iron or something. he absolutely loves to be right there with you and we have a really big chair with an extended leg rest and he loves to sleep on it. we only had one accident yesterday but actually he did the right thing so we could help but to laugh. we dont punish for accidents. we say no and show them and put them outside to show them that is where they go. anyways he went into the sunroom where the cats litter boxes are (the litter boxes are top loaders. the cats get in from a hole in the top so no other animals can get into the box and have a snack... yuck!) and he urinated right into the hole of the cat box. well almost all of it made it in but it was too funny. if he had to go anywhere thats where we would want him to go. so i cleaned it up and let him out to see if he had to go more. hes really good about letting us know that he has to go out. well im going to send pictures a little bit later today. i have to go drop my car off for an oil change and then i will come home and find the camera and take pictures. then we are all off to go to the vets. every single one of us. thats how i usually do it... that way i get charged for one visit and i get a larger discount for having multiple pets in at the same time. wish him luck on the staple removal... i think hes nervous or maybe its just me. no worries, they know what breed he is and they set me up with the large breed vet and they do all procedures right there in the room where you can watch. the only thing you cant watch your pets go through is surgery. they are very gentle and im bringing his ball and some treats along so it becomes a positive experience once hes done. he will get pampered tonight whether he cries a lot or just sits there. i know it must be painful to get staples out. he has been nothing less than a miracle to us. i found out the other day that my boyfriend is going away for two days in august and again for five in november. november is when i lost my mom to cancer about 4 years ago. its not an easy month for me but buddy doesnt let me feel lonely and he makes me feel safe when im home alone. so now i feel better about him leaving for work training. he will miss buddy but we will keep eachother company. im making him beef tonight since joe and i are having tacos. i only buy ground sirloin so hes getting the healthiest of beefs, top quality. well i better get ready to bring my car in. i hope you both are doing well. thanks again for Buddy.
Lauren and Joe




Buddy is 3 1/2 years old, very well mannered and friendly.  Gets along with other dogs, cats and kids.  Buddy is used to living in the house and is clean and non-destructive.  He is quiet and quite handsome.  Buddy needs a new home because his 18 year old owner cannot keep him where he is living and has been unable to find housing that will accept Buddy.  His owner has raised him from the time he was born and has done a good job with him, he is heartbroken that he must let him go.
For information regarding Buddy, please email  Yoly Ramirez  at  ygrotts@aol.com
or call her at  954-309-0115






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