Size: Medium
Age: 2 yrs
Sex:  male

This is one the best looking Rotties in rescue. He was surrendered by his owner in Orange County AC, because he is heartworm positive and he did not have the money to treat him. >SO HE SAID<
But, look at his neck when we got him and look at his neck now.
That man had him tied up with a prong collar that was indented on his neck.
He is a darling, loving dog and he was going to be put down when we got involved.
He was pulled with a terrible upper respiratory infection (Kennel Cough) and for three weeks a wonderful lady in New Snyrma Beach fostered him and cared for him. We sent her Antibiotics and now he is fine to start the treatment.
The shelter could not neuter him because of the URI. The Vet there had said he would have died with the anesthesia.
Last week 4 families transported him from New Snyrma Beach to Mueller Animal Hospital and as soon as he is ready, he will be back to his foster home and wait for his new Forever home.
You must see this beauty, He is awesome.
For information on ALFIE, please contact Yoly Ramirez at or call her at 954-309-0115




On January 6, 2013...

We are relaxing poolside with our rottie angel Alfie. Duke and his forever friend (Alfie) are enjoying life sleeping comfortably poolside with Jimmy and Me.

I believe in rottie miracles. Max crossed the bridge Christmas Eve. He was a rescue I adopted from the Tacoma Washington animal shelter 11 years ago. We had a life of love, travel, dog agility, and so much more together. He was even invited to the soldier's home for pet therapy after a lady watched me working obedience together with max at the train and bus stations. Heck, I even took Max to Ewetopia for sheep herding! Max was just so great with dogs took in an abused rottie (Duke) to foster. Duke, like Alfie, had scars from an embedded collar and was HW positive. It was ironically Christmas time too. I took Max to meet Duke. Immediately they hit it off and right out of the kennel they walked side by side at heel. My mom was with me and took a picture of it we never forget.

I paid for my fosters HW treatment, how grueling for him. It was a slow recovery for him.
Needles to say, Max and Duke bonded for life. We walked everyday , played at the dog beach, and cuddled. They were rottie ambassadors in the neighborhood walking side by side always eager to meet new friends. I taught Max to bow which got a lot of laughs and 2nd place in a doggie contest in New Smyrna. My older neighbor who was always terrified of rotties now would pet they boys when we walked everyday.

Christmas Eve I saw that same neighbor who asked how Max and Duke were today. I cried and told her Max crossed the bridge.

I have a Christmas tree every year with just rottie ornaments. I made one final paw print for Max before his journey and hung it on the tree. I cried and gave a jingle to the rottie bell ornament.

Max and Duke were both rescues. Max with me for 11 incredible years. Duke 11 years old with me for the past 5 years. I rang that bell telling Max to send me a sign od the one hecwantscme to rescue to a forever home for him.

I googled rottie angel and found GARR and clicked on Alfie. He was the one.

I spoke to Yoli and Alfie's foster mom. Wow. What an amazing Alfie. I asked Duke if he wanted a forever friend that had such a similar life of hell. Duke wagged and we loaded up at 6 am for Miami to meet "Alfie". Alfie and Duke hit it off. Alfie rolled for tickle rubs and home bound we went. Alfie is going home!
His foster mom said he answered to dufus. We decided his new life with start fresh. He got his second chance and we took a gamble driving all the way to Miami. (Like two dots on a dice) on the way down to Muellers I looked back and saw a huge rainbow like a sign from Max at the bridge.
What name sounded like dufus? Deuce! He Likes his name and cuddles for belly rubs.

I read your email and learned he is the second adoption. Wow Deuce name is perfect.

My sincere gratitude to all involved for sending me my rottie angel.
Please feel free to contact me to help out in any way I can in gratitude and for the rotties that need that second chance.

Woofs and thank you!
Tammy Jimmy Duke n Deuce !



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