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Size: Medium
1 TO 1 1/2 yrs old
Sex:  male

This GORGEOUS PUPPY is extremely loving and playful even with his deformed ankles. 

From the woman who found him...

"Last Saturday I was walking my 7 lb. toy poodle along the Miami river behind the Hyatt Hotel when Brutus (the name the shelter gave him) came running by us. I noticed that he had no collar and was alone and took note. My dog barks at larger dogs if she feels threatened and she did not make a peep and I also never felt threatened although he is a large dog and was off leash.

I have never found a stray animal before so am a novice at the process and today would handle things differently and reach out to rescues but didn't have any knowledge or contacts. I called 311 and they connected me to animal services and when I was transferred between the various departments and the police I continued to follow Brutus to try to help him and he was very calm and non-aggressive the entire time. I could see he was thirsty and I did not have water with me and was trying to figure out what to do. I saw him stop and look down at the river and thought to myself, he is so thirsty he is contemplating jumping in.

I was thankful that he chose not to because it was like he understood that there was no where to get out if he had jumped in. This process continued for 30 minutes or so and at that point he found a path to the front of the hotel and then ran out onto Brickell which is a very busy road. He was walking down the road and cars were stopping for him thankfully to look at this handsome boy.

At this point I started speaking with a brother and sister who saw Brutus and we all worked together to lead him back to the front of the Hyatt hotel. We took him to the side and blocked him with chairs and he never provided even the slightest resistance. We then took my small dog's leash and put the leash around his neck and he patiently agreed and never resisted. Hi did not cower as with a dog who is afraid but was gentle and calm the entire time.

At this point I went into the Hyatt to find him some water and as luck would have it they happened to have both water and dog food since they rescued a dog who is now the hotel mascot. This gave me a whole new appreciation for Hyatt hotels but thankfully that day for Brutus it meant they had food there on the spot to give to him. The other gentleman who was helping had worked for a vet and knew to feed him slowly so he could keep the food down. He was extremely thirsty and we gave him plenty of water and slowly gave him food while he politely and gently ate the food off of a plastic spoon.

We all fell in love with him and could see how special he is and that we had to help him find a forever home to shower him with the love he deserves. One other reason we agreed to allow animal service to pick him up is that they told us they were a no kill shelter and we knew we had to have him scanned to see if he had a chip. After talking to a few people I was informed that the county shelter is in fact not a no kill shelter and knew I had to get him out of there. I went to the shelter on Monday and was told that he had no chip and would become available for adoption on November 19th. I placed a hold on him and left and immediately began making calls and reaching out to rescues and individuals to try to find him a home. If I could keep him I would but my husband and I live in a high rise condo building with a size limit on pets."

He is at my home and is waiting for someone to ADOPT him. Please,
go to our web site  and fill out an Adoption Application.  Be approved to adopt.

Grace Acosta - 


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