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HOPE - adopted July 2020 - Carr
Size: Medium
Age  2 - 3 yrs  Female


Hope came from Lake County Animal Services, after the shelter director reached out to our Rescue’s president asking for help with a group of four Rottweilers they have on the facility. Despite the big undertaking and uncertainty amidst a pandemic, our rescue coordinator Diana Alcazar stepped up and took them in. Our wonderful volunteer Janessa Medina did the transport. 

Two days after arriving on a Sunday, Hope had to be rushed to a vet facility. She had difficulty breathing, her eyes were covered in greenish crust; she had a combined severe case of kennel cough ( if it wasn’t treated could become pneumonia) and seasonal allergies. Her eyes were infected, seemed like the infection went untreated for a long time. 

Thanks to the care and love Hope has received from her awesome group of caretakers, Hope is on her way to recover, and will soon be ready for her forever home. She is dog friendly, seems to be interested in kitties ( not in a good way) we don’t know how she’ll behave with small kids, but kids over 8 years old should be fine, Hope is playful, sweet, wants to be petted, rides very well on a vehicle, and goes bananas with a light reflection trying to catch it. 

If you want to learn more about Hope ( her name is not a coincidence) please contact Diana at

Location: TAMPA, FL AREA



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