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Size: Medium
Age :  2 yrs old
Sex:  female

She is a gorgeous and sweet dog and needs a good home


     I was a Vet tec for 15 years and now I'm a home school Mom. I have had rottweilers in the past, They both lived to be 15 and 11. So, I'm not new to the breed. I am new to adopting from a shelter, I have taken home several dogs while working at the Vet, but you know the owners and learn about the animals before taking them in.

   Bidelia, is spayed, HW negative, current on vaccines,  mico chipped, and on flea meds. I only added her HW meds and flea meds, all else was already done. I spoke to the Vet, to confirm she was taken care of well at one time. But, has flea dermatitis around her tail area and is healing very well. 

 She loves kids mine are 9yrs, 12yrs and 14yrs. And have been around dogs all their lives.  She will lay with them on the floor chew her cong or bone. She is crate trained, but I feel she must have spent a bunch of time in there, as she acts like she was beat and would go to the back of the crate and cower. We have praised her and gotten her to the point now that she knows it's not a bad place to go and that she will be let out. She will not chew a bone or a toy in her crate.

The one big problem I have with her is her LOVE of tennis balls or any balls. If she gets them on her own she is very protective about them and needs to have proper rehabilitation.  She did not show her teeth ever,  but she did go to flight, and then I saw the fight where I was able to take her by the collar and slowly remove the ball from her mouth. 

I do feel she must have beaten a lot because she also had a accident (pee) on the back porch and before I could put the leash on her to go out in the rain yesterday, she was whimpering and cowering. I didn't even say anything to her and just took her out. 

 Although,  she does this the kids can have 2 tennis balls and play with her in the yard and she will fetch them and drop the 1st one and go after the 2nd with no problems or aggression.  So, I know there is hope for her. I just know we aren't the home for this wonderful dog. 

She learned very quickly that she needed to sit and wait at the door of the crate before rushing out and the same for going out the front door on a lease. She ,is very willing to learn and love. I just don't want someone else to get her and see this and put her down for what is not her fault,  and is the fault of not properly being trained in the beginning.  Thank you for your time, 

For information on BIDELIA  contact

Mauri Howard

WARNING - If you want to adopt BIDELIA you must fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION and be approved to adopt.  We will do a background and home check. 



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