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AFRICA- adopted February 2020 - Carbon
Size: Medium
Age :  2 yrs
Sex:  female

they write...
“ Dear Diana,

 The ride was very long.  We didn't get home yesterday until 5 pm.  Barbara brought Scruffy out to meet Africa and all four of us took a pleasant walk together, then went inside and the girls had dinner in separate areas.  On the whole, they don't seem to mind one another and in fact seem pretty much indifferent.  It took a while for Africa to settle down in the bedroom last night.  She cried some and came over to my side of the bed.  I petted her and she kissed me.  I pulled the dog bed closer to me and she finally went to sleep.

 This morning she went in the yard, peed and then had a small bit of kibble, finally settling down at my feet while I had my coffee.  

 Just before dawn we (Scruffy, Africa and I) began our neighborhood walk.  They were just fine together and Africa walks almost perfectly on the leash.  I brought Scruffy home and then walked with Africa for some time while she met two of my dog walking neighbors.  We all traveled a while together without incident and we have just returned from that walk a few minutes ago.  Africa is now sleeping near us in our home office.

 Thank you for letting Africa into our lives.  When I take pictures I will be sure to send them to you.”


 This astonishing beautiful young female, came to GGARR from a Central Florida shelter where she was picked up as a stray. She was extremely thin, scared and shy but she is coming around. 

We estimate she is 2 years old, and seems to be fine with male dogs, unknown if she gets a long with females. Africa loves treats, be petted on her head and be cuddle. 

We still don't know what her favorite toys are, but she walks fairly fine on a leash. 

If are interested on adopting  Africa or get more information about her, please email Diana at

Location: TAMPA FL 



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