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ZACHA -adopted May 2019 - Maguire
Size: Medium
Age :2 to 3 yrs old 
Sex:  Female


Zacha was living along with her daughter Kocoa in a terrible condition in a business located in Orlando Industrial Park. A very kind lady was working near by and went to feed them everyday.  She tried to convince the owner of the park to surrender them to a Rottweiler Rescue and he agreed. 

This wonderful lady contacted our GGARR Rescue Coordinator Diana Alcazar to find our if GGARR was willing to take them. She sent pictures and the dogs were approved to be rescued.   GGARR Volunteer Rosina McVicker took them to her home and couple of days later they were transported to Mueller Animal Hospital in Hialeah. 

For information on Zacha, please contact Yoly Ramirez at YGRotts@aol.com


Location: MIAMI


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