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ROMEO - adopted February 2019
Size: Medium
Age : 1 to 3 yrs old
Sex:  male


In mid November, 2 large Rotweilers were running loose in my neighborhood.  I brought the male home (he had a collar but no tag), we never found the female.  I posted on social media and checked for posts of a lost dog.  I took him to the vet, no chip.

I took him to get fixed and chipped and found out he has heartworms.  We opted for the slow kill option and have meds for the next 5 months, then he will need two injections.  I also gave him Bravecto for fleas.

He weighs 110lbs, and the vet estimated he is between 1 and 3 years old.  Not only is he handsome, he is so sweet and affectionate.  He doesn't give kisses but often lays his head in my lap.  He loves to be rubbed behind the ears, under his chin or of course, his tummy.  He will sit, stay, lay down.  He knows food, treats, outside, go home, go for a car ride. I just taught him to play frisbee and he doesn't bring it back but loves to play.  He loves to play with a tennis ball, too.  I taught him "sit " and "stay" in sign language and he obeys!

He doesn't like peanut butter but loves cheese and french fries.

He has shown no aggression towards other dogs (even small yappy dogs) or cats or children.  he cries when he sees other dogs and I know he is lonely for some other dog company.  

He was doing great on the leash, but wanted to run after bicycles.  If I could see them coming I could hold him back but recently a bike went wizzing by us from behind and he pulled me down.  My injuries are minor but the biker and I were terrorized.  I live minutes from the Riverwalk and we have many bicycles coming by all the time and many are children.

I'm heartbroken,  I hope we can find a home for him with other dogs.

Stacey Warder  please contact me at 


Location: TAMPA



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