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Size: Medium
Age : 1-2 yrs old
Sex:  male

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Happy was found one night, roaming the streets of Tampa Bay by a group of friends, who are pet owners and animal lovers; the silly and friendly puppy approached them, wagging his nub and saying “hello” to everyone. They took him to a vet facility to check for a microchip but nothing came up, he didn’t have any collars or tags either. Afraid for Happy’s well-being one of the friends, Sophia, took him to her home to keep him safe, hoping for his owner to showed up. They posted flyers, made post on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; also they left their contact information at the business were they found him. But days passed and no one contacted them. 

Sophia’s mom and rescue coordinator, Diana Alcazar have a mutual friend, and by Sophia’s mom request, Chris contacted Diana and asked her to help with Happy. Arrangements  were made and Diana took Happy to Dr. Kerri’s office to be fully vetted.

We guesstimate, Happy is between 1 to 2 years old, very solid and strong body, he is full of energy and needs to learn good-dog manners. He seems to be curious/ friendly with other dogs; kids and cats we don’t know how he’ll react. He loves to play with a Jolly egg and belly rubs. 

Due to his age and level of energy, Happy requires and active family. 

For more information please contact DIANA ALCAZAR at alcazar.diana@gmail.com


Location:  TAMPA  FL



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