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Size: Medium
Age : 2 yrs old 
Sex:  male


This young, big, calm and extremely sweet but also big male Rottweiler, was dumped at a shelter in Central Florida. Amanda Ekblad GGARR volunteer alerted Diana Alcazar GGARR rescue coordinator and they worked together to pull and bring Delta to safety,\.

Couple hours after he was pulled from the shelter Amanda and Diana bathed him, took him to see the vet and in the process, they discovered how easy going, sweet, well-mannered and loving Delta was. He seems to be fine with small and big dogs, very friendly with people in general, he also walks fairly well on a leash and rides fine too on cars.

He is currently being treated for an ear infection, eye infection, and skin infection. He will be neutered soon and will be available for adoption. Despite to tip the scale at 101.3 lbs at the vet's office, he is underweight, Dr. Kerri guess estimate he needs at least 20 more lbs, also she estimates he is less than 2 years old.

For information on DELTA , please Diana Alcazar at alcazar.diana@gmail.com

Location:   TAMPA  FL


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