TIKI - Adopted Jan. 30th, 2016
Size: Medium
Age: 3 years
Sex:  female


Tiki's story:

Tiki is a 3-4 year old female Rottweiler weighing about 80 pounds. She was originally picked up as a stray in Orange County in May of 2014. She had a URI and could not immediately be spayed, so she was placed into an OCAS foster program. She was adopted from OCAS in June of 2014. She lived with her adopters for eighteen months until she was surrendered in December 2015 when her owners became pregnant. They claim to have seen a change in temperament during the pregnancy.

Tiki appears to be a very loving, well adjusted, affectionate girl. She is happy and wags her tail to show it. Yes...this sweetheart has a factory tail and uses it to her advantage. She is gentle taking treats and is no stranger to food. She's a bit heavier than desirable and would benefit from a more active lifestyle to get her to a healthier weight. She ADORES tennis balls. She won't take them from your hand, but she loves to retrieve them when you throw them for her. When she retrieves the ball, she even tosses it to you so that you don't have to ask her to drop her ball.

Did we say she's smart? The play yard at OCAS has a fabric sunblock suspended over it. When visitors throw a ball up onto the fabric, Tiki tracks the shadow as it rolls down the incline and tries to catch the ball when it falls from the the fabric! She's pretty good at it too!

She walks well on a lead and appears to be good with other dogs. She is great with adults and appears to be good with children. She interacted well with an eight year old in the shelter play yard, responding promptly to commands like SIT and FETCH without hesitation. Introductions to more children and dogs will be made once she settles in at her foster home.

Bottom line...Tiki is a very sweet girl and quite the catch for anyone!!

For more information about TIKI, contact David James at  ddjfla@gmail.com

Location: Land-O-Lakes
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